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Advancing Contact Lens Practice

Innovation has always been one of the distinctive traits of EIKON.

EIKON adopted already in the '90s, among the first in Italy, 2-axis ultra-high precision CNC technology for contact lens lathing, which has nowadays become globally the reference technology for state of the art contact lens manufacturing.
At that time the end of the so-called cold war played a significant role in the conversion to the biomedical sector of technology that had been so far primarily targeted at the military industry.
EIKON was among the first to grab that opportunity. Today we use ultra-high precision CNC lathing having less than 10 nm positioning resolution, for excellent surface quality in our production.

EIKON is the creator and patent holder of the CALCO system, for the design and manufacturing of Rigid Gas-Permeable (RGP) contact lenses. The system allows to design the lens geometry according to a criterion of mathematical optimal congruence with the three-dimensional geometry of the cornea to be fit, thus enabling optimal performance in terms of physiological compatibility, comfort and corrective efficacy.
This is achieved by making use of the full 3D data of the corneal morphology as acquired by advanced digital corneal topography.

EIKON has recently acquired the patent license to manufacture aberrometry controlled soft contact lenses, for optimization of the ocular wavefront.
This type of lenses are an innovative solution to correct irregular ametropy with soft contact lenses.
They are dispensed as custom medical devices, and they are manufactured on prescription from the Ophthalmologist.