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A comprehensive offer
to modern contact lens practice.

EIKON offers a complete portfolio of products and solutions for best satisfaction of practitioners' needs:

Rigid Gas-Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses

EIKON manufactures RGP lenses for any fitting demand, produced using the most performing materials from the best qualified suppliers on the global market.

Our production ranges from more modern aspheric geometries such as our multieccentrics and triconics/tetraconics, to the more classic spheric geometries.

Our production offers a complete portfolio of design typologies, among which:

  • Toric and bitoric lenses
  • Prismatic lenses
  • Keratoconus design
  • Inverse geometry lenses for post-surgery fitting (keratoplasty or refractive surgery)
  • Orthokeratology lenses for myopia correction during night wear

CALCO Lenses

CALCO Lenses, the electronic cast of the cornea; the “custom” yet easy contact lens design, a very specialized product for its use and fitting.

EIKON CREATED AND REALIZED the CALCO system, of which it is the inventor and patent holder.

The system allows to follow with full accuracy the corneal surface as detected by digital corneal toporaphy, and to ultimately generate from such readings the advanced CNC program for lens machining.

EIKON combines its own experience in designing lens geometries with latest generation technology to allow the Contact Lens Specialist, after performing the necessary diagnostics with corneal topography, to request EIKON the production of the lens specific to the patient, from anywhere, as simply as by e-mail!

EIKON developed the CALCO system as a solution to complete the process: diagnostics-product-comfort.
The most advanced diagnostic techniques become the technical basis to design contact lenses of the latest generation, realized with RGP materials of best quality and capable of fulfilling all the demands of metabolic compatibility of the eye, resulting in a product that combines the ability to fully correct the vision defect. With unprecedented comfort performance for the patient's experience.

Soft Contact Lenses

EIKON manufactures soft contact lenses of any design, such as toric, spheric, progressive/multifocal, and for either monthly (Rugiada), four-monthly, semiannual or yearly replacement. Our techniques and geometries perform with proven efficacy resulting in top grade stability, comfort and safety.

EIKON uses only materials of proven performance, comfort and safety for the production of soft hydrogel lenses, from the most qualified suppliers on the global market.

Disposable Lenses

EIKON is exclusive distributor for Italy of Extreme H2O, planned replacement soft contact lenses, both toric and spheric, characterized by extended hydration stability during wear in the eye thanks to the glycerol GMA material. Manufactured in the U.S.A., they feature excellent accuracy, comfort and safety. Also part of the disposable lens portfolio are the AQUA7 weekly contact lenses; distributed in 12 pieces boxes they come with different base curve and diameter for best satisfaction of any user according to their specific keratometry.

Scleral and Mini-Scleral lenses

EIKON manufactures scleral and mini0scleral lenses for the most specialized applications, based on the reference trial set.

Contact Lens Solutions

EIKON produces, through its partners of the Italian pharmaceutical industry, solutions for contact lens care and maintenance.